Best Smartphones Under $150

If you always wanted to get a phone that’s inexpensive but full of features, the BLU R1 HD is right up your alley. The 8 GB model is suitable for people that just use a few apps often and it can work very well. Plus, you do get plenty of performance for your money, and that is always a plus to be honest.


The overall design is nice. It’s pretty similar to just about any other smartphone, there isn’t a lot of innovation. But in the end, that would be asking too much from the entire thing. That really shows the true value and quality that you can expect in the end. There will always be some really nice features to be had here, and at $100, you just can’t expect for more than this. Check it out on Amazon here.


The 1 GB of RAM clearly shows that the device is not created for gaming. But you won’t really need that for the day to day tasks. And that’s where the BLU R1 HD shines, because you do have 1 GB of RAM and the 8 GB of storage that will help you track events, use a few apps and boost your productivity.

If you want a phone that can hold some info, help you make calls and access the internet, this is the right one for you. Also, you do have Micro SD and Dual SIM support. You will also enjoy the fact that this particular unit has a 5” display. The display is also very good as a whole. It doesn’t scratch fast, and in today’s day and age this is a very important thing to focus on.

Moreover, the BLU R1 HD also includes a 5 MP selfie camera and an 8 MP main camera. These won’t break any records obviously, but the experience on its own is a very good one and you will like it for sure. That’s what you want to have in the end. You will also like the fact that Prime members that get this will be able to access dedicated storage, music, shows and apps. Certainly worth your time because of that reason alone.

They did integrate personalized ads in this, which is not that ok. But it is a $100 phone, so you have to cope with that. Plus, you do get Android Nougat preinstalled, which is quite hard to get at this particular price point to be honest. This really shows the type of value and help that you may want to get in the end, so you should totally check it out if you want an incredible set of opportunities in the end.


After using the BLU R1 HD, you will see that this is an incredible phone. It looks great, the value is there and the experience on its own is nothing short of amazing. You will certainly appreciate the sheer value and attention to detail here, which is what you want to have at the end of the day. Certainly worth it if you want a $100 phone that suits your business and personal needs!

A lot of people like the Motorola phones and for a very good reason. They bring you lots of value for your money and they also look great. People that want to get a really good experience will be impressed by them and in the end this can help quite a lot. It really manages to provide you with the type of features you want from a phone and the visuals are nice too.


The overall design of this phone is interesting. They didn’t go off the rails, but the overall visuals are nice here and I am quite impressed with the stuff they shared here. Obviously, a bit of innovation would not hurt, but the tried and tested thing presented here works just as well.


Right off the bat, you will see that the device has a 1.2 GHz processor. At the price point presented here, you will find that the value on its own is incredible. It really shows that the product can easily handle most apps with ease. It can most of the games too. Those that are too large or too demanding will still run, but the FPS will be a bit low.

The 720p display, 5”, delivers more than enough power. It’s not the ultimate display on the market, but it works and in the end you will like it quite a bit. Obviously, it could be improved in some crucial ways, but overall you will still have the type of value that you need from such a device.

It obviously isn’t perfect, but you do get Android Nougat and a multitude of nice features too. They do have offers and ads included in here too, something that’s interesting, but not that good of a choice to be honest. Things could have been handled a bit better here, but it’s still nice to see this type of option shared here, that’s for sure!

The 8 MP camera and 5 MP selfie camera are a good standard at this price and you will like the overall experience as a whole most of the time. It really shows that you won’t have a problem receiving the nice features at the end of the day. The 2800 mAh battery is actually very good. It will last you for a full day, which most modern phones don’t really manage to do most of the time. Find the Moto G Play here.

It’s an unlocked device too, so you will not have a problem using it in whatever region you want. That works to your own advantage and it shows just how good the quality gets to be.


Overall, Moto G Play (4th gen.) is a very good device, and at around $150, it really is one of the very best models on the market. It will impress you with the overall set of features and benefits, but it’s a pleasure to use too. The design is nice, the performance is good and at this price you won’t be able to find a better phone!

BLU R1 HD – 16 GB – Black is an interesting device available only to the Amazon Prime users. What makes it distinct is the fact that it delivers just about all the value that you may want to get from a very high quality device at a rather accessible price.


The BLU R1 HD design is pretty good. It’s not incredible, in fact it’s pretty much the same as the overall visuals you get from other similar devices. It’s obviously not perfect, but it does bring in front an exciting visual appeal.


Right off the bat, the fact that you have only 16 GB of storage is a bit of a downer. This is not ok in today’s day and age, since you really do need a lot of storage space most of the time. Not a huge problem though, but it does show that the experience tends to get better and better all the time here. So hopefully we will get more storage in the future. Only time can tell if that happens or not.

The display is 5”, pretty large considering the price. And yes, the BLU R1 HD is around $100 or so, which is actually quite good. If you see it from a price point perspective, you do get a ton of stuff for your money and in the end this will be incredible for sure.

Thankfully, you won’t be out of storage for a long time. They have micro SD support, so you can easily add more storage space if you so desire. The idea is to take your time and focus on value, which in the end will work to your own advantage for sure.

The support for 4G LTE is great and the fact that the device is unlocked for multiple regions does tend to work towards your own advantage. It surely shines and the experience on its own is designed with high quality in mind. It definitely impresses you a lot and it shows the type of quality you can obtain in the end.

You get DUAL SIM support too. Not very important, but you do see that even if you have 2 SIMs, you can still use the device with little to no effort. They also added Android 6.0, which is really good for this device. The overall performance is great, there is no flickering and overall you will find that the experience is impressive and visually astounding in the end.

2 GB of RAM are ok for the day to day challenges that come in front of you and in the end you will like the entire experience. Plus, this is not a device for gaming, and 2 GB will be more than ok most of the time for just about all the stuff that you want to do with it!


Overall, the BLU R1 HD is a very interesting device. It definitely shines and it manages to offer you that quality and edge that you rarely find on the market. It can be a solid investment at a bit over $100, not to mention the battery life is pretty good too, as it lasts for a day and a bit. BLU R1 HD is a great purchase and it will impress you quite a bit in the end!