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Best Top 3 Lifestyle Camera

One of the best things about purchasing a camera is that you always get to explore the world and capture wonderful moments at your own pace. With the best lifestyle cameras 2017, you acquire the ultimate quality and a really good attention to detail. This really helps take your experience to the next level and it brings in front a rather unique, creative way to capture important moments in your life.

Usually, lifestyle cameras tend to be compact, easy to use and portable. They don’t tend to have the best specs on the market, but they do work very well and bring you a really good return on investment. This is one of those things that make such cameras worth it, so you should definitely keep them in mind as they are a solid purchase!

Whenever you want an action camera, you tend to go for the GoPro models. Why is that? The company has shown over the years that it has all it takes to deliver professional, high-quality services that you can rely on. Not only is it visually enticing, but at the same time, you will enjoy the sheer visuals and the fantastic features.


Just like all other GoPro HERO models, the fifth iteration aims to be very slick and easy to manage. It’s a minuscule camera, and it delivers all the portability you need. They allow you to see what gets recorded on the back, but you can also view the recording duration, battery life and the overall amount of space you have on your SD card as well. Plus, the black color works amazing for this model. See what I mean here!


Right off the bat, GoPro HERO5 Black comes with dedicated 4K video support. If you want to take pictures with it, this will deliver 12 MP, which is more than ok, to be honest. However, the true benefit you get from this model is that it’s waterproof. Being able to protect your camera from water is crucial if you want to do action sports. Thankfully, this model is amazing, and it works very well all the time. It is, by far, one of the better models out there and it will certainly help you a lot.

You can try to add some additional housing, but even without that, you will get plenty of waterproof features for this particular price of $400. The Hero5 model comes with voice control and a 2–inch display that is more than ok for your day to day needs. The rugged design makes it perfect for the outdoor use. Plus, the one-button control scheme does bringyou just about all the features and benefits you may want to have from this type of camera.

If you have a GoPro Plus Subscription, you can upload photos and videos online without a problem. Plus, the design makes it very easy to wear, and you can find accessories for it without that much of a hassle. It certainly shines, and in the end, it will just work to your advantage.

There are some other great features here as well. Stereo audio, GPS location tagging, exposure control, RAW and WDR photo taking as well as advanced video stabilization are great overall.


If you are on the lookout for a slick, sturdy and rugged action camera, the GoPro HERO5 Black is a perfect fit. It includes just about all the features that you may need and it works well with a wide array of features. It’s one of the better models out there and one that will impress you with the quality and attention to detail that it delivers.


  • Rugged design
  • Powerful advanced features
  • Image stabilization
  • Voice control
  • Waterproof


  • The USB port flap can get jammed at times
  • Digital grain is visible rarely

Recently, Sony has entered the action cam world as well, and they did bring in front some rather interesting and unique type of cameras. The Sony HDRAS50/B is one of their better models, and it does come with full HD, XAVC-S support, an EXMOR R sensor and other cool features.


Right off the bat, the Sony HDRAS50/B is compact, and it looks pretty good, but other companies like GoPro have mastered the design of an action camera already. This model tries something new, and while that doesn’t work as you would expect, it still delivers plenty of decent value for your money, which is what you want to have in the end.
Check the price here!


As we mentioned above, the Sony HDRAS50/B comes with full HD support. The lack of 4K support on a $200 camera can be excused, but it would have been a killer addition. It’s still a pretty decent product for sure, one that you will enjoy using quite a bit. It works great, the value is there, and you do receive lots of attention to detail with this one.

The 11.1 MP sensor is great, although this particular resolution can be rather obscure for some people. It does show that there are some problems to be had in there, which is why you may want to give this a shot.

Plus, you have an optical steady shot, ZEISS lens which does bring in front an excellent shooting experience. They did a magnificent job with the Sony HDRAS50/B here because you won’t have to fear any image stabilization problems.

Also, the connectivity options are more than decent. You have a multi-camera control, a 60m waterproof housing, and multiple camera control as well. All of these add up to create a dependable, powerful unit that works very well in a multitude of circumstances.

Another thing to note is that fact that the user interface is rather impressive and operating the unit is very easy to do. Sony also added a stereo mic to provide you with great quality when you do sound recording, something that works very well and pretty fast too.

Battery life is decent; you get 150 minutes of recording time, more than ok for such a thing. Plus, if you combine this with the rugged design and waterproof features, you will find the Sony HDRAS50/B to be more than ok and certainly one of the interesting pieces of hardware you can use at this particular time, that’s for sure.


Thanks to things like water resistance, a rugged design, excellent Exmor R CMOS sensor and good battery life, the Sony HDRAS50/B does manage to be a real competitor at $200. Sure, it lacks 4K support, but it does an excellent job with 1080p recording, and that’s more than ok in the end!


  • Rugged design
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful CMOS sensor
  • Good battery life


  • Some units turn off randomly
  • Its focus could be better

YI 4K Action Camera

Nowadays, a lot of people are enticed by the idea of filming themselves as they perform a wide variety of extreme sports. Plus, the sheer adrenalin of going to new locations and exploring them with commentary while you have a camera attached to your chest/head is also impressive. And that’s why more and more people want an action camera. Some of these are expensive; the YI 4K Action Camera does a magnificent job at being both impressive and affordable.


The YI 4K Action Camera has a slick design; it’s very simplistic and easy to maneuver. It’s a silver, small action camera that you can take with you anywhere you want. Not only does it look great, but they designed it with Gorilla Glass retina to help it resist scratches and the day to day impact.


What you have to note about the YI 4K Action Camera is that it works very well even for the 4K shooting. Yes, it does deliver 4K shoots at around $200, something that’s quite hard to find nowadays. It records 4K at only 30 FPS, but it’s more than ok considering the price. You can, however, record at 1080p with up to 120 FPS. Learn more here

For those of you that take a lot of pictures, the YI 4K Action Camera is an excellent addition to the collection. It delivers 12 MP photos, and it also has a 155-degree wide angle. The aperture is F2.8 here.

A thing to note here is that the model does have just about all the most interesting pieces of technology embedded in it. They integrated 7 layers of glass lenses, a powerful Sony image sensor as well as a stunning Ambarella chip. All of these add up to a very high-quality experience and a wonderful support even for the low light shoots. It’s going to impress you a lot here, and that’s what matters the most in the end.

You can use fast speed SD cards, which is a plus. YI didn’t specify any particular limits, although it can be a good idea to opt for the larger and faster SD cards especially if you want to go full 4K with it.

Obviously, you do receive full Wi-Fi support and sharing is very easy to do via this application. The electronic image stabilization feature works exactly as you would expect in here, and it will indeed provide you with the type of benefits and features you can find in the end.


The YI 4K Action Camera impressed us with its features and the fact that it can quickly bring you all the tools you need with little to no effort. It looks great, it provides you with an incredible value and you will indeed like its looks as well. Overall, it’s a powerful action camera that you can get at roughly $200.


  • Integrated LCD Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Full 4K support
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi support
  • Electronic Image Stabilization


  • The battery life is rather low
  • Its software can bring in some problems at times